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works in progress (or recently completed):

-- Nathan Clevenger Trio+2 live at SF Center for New Music New music by Nathan Clevenger, Cory Wright and Jordan Glenn, with Phillip Greenlief and Marie Abe for a forthcoming album 2024

-- The Sharp Edge of Peace : Roya Sadat's new doc feature on the abandonment of the women of Afghanistan, post production in progress

--Empress Archer
a new and perhaps final version of the 10-years-in-progress dance work by Meredith Webster, Ariel Freedman and The Cambrians

Voices from the Silenced : a feature film from the play of the same name written and performed by elderly women who experienced abortions in the USA prior to Roe v.Wade. 2024

Late and Not Late 2024. My "episode" in Kattt Atchley's sound series " Late Night Call ", for a forthcoming CD and website.

--Subway Beats Chris Brown's mega-subwoofer piece, as recorded at Mills College 2024

-- APURA : Karl Evangelista's sextet live at The Lab and Oaktown Jazz Workshop 2023

-- Citta da Vitti : Phillip Greenlief, Lisa Mezzacapa and Jason Levis live at the SF Center for New Music 2022 for a forthcoming video production .

-- Crushing Spiral '22, '23 : Matt Small's ensemble is back with a new set for a new video (live music recording)

--Daniel Ellsberg's "HOW TO STOP A NUCLEAR WAR" , a doc in post-production by Paul Jay 2020-4

--new Bandcamp site: nearly all of my albums 1979-2022 now in one place!

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