Philip Perkins
works in progress (or recently completed):

-- Degrees of Freedom Found: "Blue" Gene Tyranny (Unseen Worlds Records 2021) A career retrospective 6 CD box set. (Co-producer)

At The Barn: Carl Ludwig Huebsch and Tim Perkis, live at the great barn at The Headlands Center for The Arts. (CLH Music 2017-21)
-- Hub Music: The Hub (Artifact Recordings 2021) The amazing original 1987 live concert album by The Hub is back. Originally a low-fi cassette release, now remastered from original
sources for download and CD.

-- THERE IS NO STANDING STILL: Alonzo King Lines Ballet. A series of 6 min films shot by Lines dancers from home across the USA and other countries, to music by Jason Moran, Zakir Hussein, Edgar Meyer, Lisa Fischer+JC Maillard and GF Handel. (video and music editor)

--WICKENBURG: Alonzo King Lines Ballet. A new ballet and film 2020-1 (music editor)

Mark Trayle Memorial Concert, The Hub (2016, mix 2020)

I WANTED TO BE A MAN WITH A GUN, the mix of a documentary by William Farley 2020-1

TRAPPED! Bo Boudart and Susan Utell 2021

--Daniel Ellsberg's "DOOMSDAY MACHINE" , a doc in production by Paul Jay 2020-1

--POOL MOVIE (The Water Lilies) the mix of a documentary by Vicki Funari 2020-1

new Bandcamp site: nearly all of my albums 1979-2020 now in one place!

BARBED WIRE TRIOS (volume 1) , music by Phillip Greenlief for various trios of sax, clarinet, oboe, violin, piano, vibes and bassoon. Creative Sources Records (Portugal)

BELLINGHAM FOR DAVID IRELAND , Phillip Greenlief Octet. Edgetone #EDT4204 2020
Live recording of 8 players scattered through all the rooms of the 500 Capp St. David Ireland House museum (SF). Phillip Greenlief (sax), Wobbly (electronics) Zachary Watkins (electronics), Aurora Josephson (voice), Karl Hubsch (tuba), Kip Kipperman (double bass), Gabby Flake-Mogul (violin), Karen Stackpole (gongs, percussion).

SOME CENTER , Chris Brown's Chromelodia Project; New World Records #80822 with
Kyle Bruckman (oboe), Theresa Wong (cello and voice) and Chris Brown (piano and electronics)

Journey of a Dancer, Kara Wilkes' portrait of dancer Adji Cissoko

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